Aquafit & Swimming class

Aquafit & Swimming class

Private/Group Aquafit Class

Come and experience a 1:1 Aquafit class with me. 

Those who have trained with me in the past know that I am a big fan of water work.

We are using pool training with my top-level athletes, for those rehabilitating injuries, as well as with those that are overweight and unconditioned. There are so many benefits of water work:

  • Less Gravity, Less Impact: Gravity decreases in water, which means less impact and pain on your joints and muscles during and after your workout.
  • Cleaner Coordination: Movement naturally slows down in water, callowing you the time you need to master coordination in your exercise movements.
  • Consistent Resistance: Water provides consistent resistance in every direction, making it easier to work your entire body in different patterns and speed
  • Less Pain, More Gain: Eccentric movements in your regular workouts are what cause soreness. In a water workout, eccentric contractions are removed. Meaning less pain the next day.
  • Natural Compression: The natural compression of water helps to flush body tissue, improve lymphatic circulation, and provide a faster recovery after workouts.






Private Swimming Lesson

Do you want to learn how to swim? Or perhaps you already know how to swim but you'd love to improve your technique.  Whether you've never swam before, or you're a swimmer who is lacking in strength and technique, it's never too late to learn new tools and techniques.