Phuket Farmers

Phuket Farmers

The Phuket Famers Club is a young community of gardeners and artisans dedicated to promote a more sustainable lifestyle, by learning and teaching organic gardening and DIY techniques to all. 
They opened their doors to the first members in April 2016 and since then they have been actively supporting the Permaculture movement through experimentation and demonstration. Because first they want to “Walk the Talk” they constantly experiment new techniques to improve their skills and knowledge of the tropical climate. In their gardens they grow all their plants organically, make their own compost and experiment natural fertilizers and pesticides recipes.

Because “sharing is caring” they organize visits and workshops for kids and grown-ups to discover hands-on with fun many sustainable gardening techniques and other important DIY knowledge. They collaborate with many schools to initiate garden workshops and pro-grams because working with kids has always been a major step on our path to become a learning center.
With a “Farm to Table” approach they also build a fruitful network with local gardeners and artisans and support them by bringing their finest products to their members. 

Finally, with their EcoConsulting services they can use their experience to help you or your business to set up your own organic garden that will bring you a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

In a nutshell, their mission is to connect us back with Nature and make all 100 % :