Miss Raweewan Kongchusri

Miss Raweewan Kongchusri
  • Function Marketing
  • Location INTERNAL

Miss Raweewan Kongchusri - Marketing

Let me introduce my self. I was born on Friday 30th of October 1992. I am 26 years old I graduated in Tourism and hospitality industry from Rangsit University. My most important qualifications is good attention and patience When I start to do anything I will go on until
the job is done I am easy going. I can get along with anybody. I would like to have a good job which brings a stable income, have security, a family and be able to do some good things that people can remember me by I chose to work as a marketing officer at Citycare Clinic.
Because this company has a good image of stability and security. It’s like when you want to travel on a ship, certainly you would choose a ship that you feel confident with.