Knap points

Knap points

Georgia Knap was French and lived from 1866 to 1946. He created a massage point technique about nerve emergencies. These points becoming painful in various disorders, finding these points is facilitated and is done by palpation.

The technique is to crush these points with your thumb or finger or wood stick. At these points, we find accumulations toxin: a fluid pressure release device allows a release of the acid crystals and better innervation of the corresponding organs.

Presenting the number 130, including the main 18, these points have often been confused with acupuncture points with which sometimes match, and some said that they were situated on the meridians.

Once again, the correspondence for some is unmissable, but using Knap points:

- Related to energy

- Release of the paths of the main nerves, and

- Increase significantly your longevity.