Once in the water, the body only weighs a sixth of its mass and all movements become easier, even though the water does create a higher resistance than air and makes muscles work harder. That's why aquagym is so good at changing your figure. Muscles work harder without you even noticing.

The variety of movements enable the entire body to work. Slim the waist, tone the chest and buttocks, strengthen back and abdominal muscles, tone the arms and shoulders... Aquagym does all of that!

As for calories expended, aquagym is also great. Did you know that 30 minutes of aquagym burns approximately 600 calories, the equivalent of one and a half hours of gym outside water? Thank water for this great resistance!

Finally, thanks to the resistance of water , each movement massages and drains the skin surface, stimulating blood flow, reducing water retention and busting cellulite.

Good for your health:
Aquagym strengthens muscles, increases heart rate and improve breathing tonus and blood flow. In addition to all those benefits which any sport can have, the advantage of aquagym is that is "non traumatic". Unlike many land-based activities, the risk of injury is minimal. The resistance of water prevents pulled, strained and sore muscles. All shocks are cushioned, there is no impact with the ground. Movements are gentle and flowing. Result: joints work gently and gain flexibility without stress. There are few contraindications to aquagym, but like with any sport, before starting, talk about it with your doctor.

Good for your spirit:
First, let's sing the praise of water! It carries us and gives us a feeling of lightness that helps us forget a few pounds extra. Of course we feel better! Water also has a soothing effect, as if it reminded us of our life inside the womb. The water environment is in itself a relaxing place.
Aquagym, like any other sport, leads to the release of endorphins, the pleasure hormone. After a few minutes of exercise, you feel naturally good.

Another benefit of aquagym: going to classes is a pleasant social break. No one goes to show off or check out other people's figures. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. The effect of the group is encouraging and makes you want to surpass yourself. You can chat and laugh. The coaches know how to go about it!

Good from age 7 to 77.
Because aquagym is a gentle, no-risk sport, it is accessible to all, regardless of their fitness, weight, age, etc... Pregnant women as well! You don't need to know how to swim, many exercises are done near the edge, where you can reach the bottom. Aquagym lessons are run in local swimming pools and fitness clubs that have a pool. Two 45 minute sessions a week is ideal. For the lucky ones who live near the sea, nothing beats a short session every day.