Stem Cells

Stem Cells


Our Stem Cell products are the ultimate choice in stem cell banking services for the whole family, with services available for all ages.
For years they have led the industry in technical innovation and it is that dedication to being at the cutting edge that allows us to provide the best stem cell care.
They are operating by internationally-renowned physicians, including experts in stem cell transplantation. They are guided by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT), the Medical Council, and a set of international medical ethics in research and development for stem cell transplantation. All the researches are based on Japanese standarts.
Because of their high proficiency in research, they have advanced stem cell technology through clinical trials and are rapidly moving our most advanced developments to clinical practice. Their team of qualified medical experts work to ensure an international standard of care.

    Stems cells
    NK cells
    Growth factors


On top of that, we warranty by contracts a 60 years guarantee on the quality of your stem cells to show the commitment to your future health. In the unlikely event that your stem cells have a drop in vitality, you’ll be reimbursed ten times your service fee.

For each single case an extra 20 millions cells will be produced and banked at the laboratory in Bangkok.


Transparency is our main dream, that's why, each patient will receive a contract containing all the elements of his therapy: cell tracing, cell storage, cell banking, treatment protocol, .... and all this done by qualified experts.