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I wanted to thank you for the treatment, it helped me a lot! To me it’s like a miracle, pure knowledge. No pain in my back, just a little bit in my neck and arm, I think it’s healing. It amazing!! I recommended your treatment to some of my friends, but then I thought maybe I should’ve ask first if it’s ok to advice your treatment to my friends.

By the way I’m feeling wonders in my body after your adjustments. The shape of my leg is changing and everything is less difficult. So Happy !

Hope u remember me. Ive been to ur clinic last 5 july. A filipina recommended by the physical therapist. Just want to say thank you for ur great help, I felt amazing now. No more heavy back pain. Its a big relief for me. Now back to regular exercis

Thanks to Citycare, all patients i recommand to you are so satisfied.

Hi, my mom fell good. Thank you soo much.

Hello, I would like to thank you for your treatment today. I have been going to various Doctors in the UK and Thailand for over thirty years, and I have to say that I think the treatment you gave me was simply the best! Best wishes.

Thank you so much for your help this morning i feel an obvious improvement in my back problem. I have a very good friend from Kata Rocks called Marcel. Big strong German guy. Lovely man. He has a similar back problem as me, i will recomend you to him.

Thank u so much, and u should really understand how excellent u r. I been seing chiros etc. But u r the man where i felt had best knowledge, really happy u saved my back, been super painful for 3 weeks every minute of the day, i am really thankful